Oct 29, 2006

Well hello there..

Hi all, its been a while since i've popped in here, and I think I can blame school for that.

I'm only taking one class, but somehow this has managed to entirely screw me up in terms of what i can get done. The class is a good one, but Its been so long since i've been in a class that requires a paper that I have no memory of how to write one.

Other things occupying my mind..
Garbage. Yes, really, Garbage. First I got a sanitation violation re: garbage on my property. Why? because "I" called to complain that the city had left garbabge on my property. I got ticketed on my own complaint. the nerve.

There is more to this story but I don't want to live it right now :)

I have a camera full of pictures i've been meaning to post and i'll get to them, i will but for now let me fill you in on the knitting life...

Most recently I went to Rhinebeck with Karen who was kind enough to pick us all up at the crack of dawn (we left around 5:30 from my house, I got up at 4:15. I usually go to sleep at 4:15
Tamara who was the first person picked up, and Val who made me buy yarn :)

I exercised restraint for most of the day, picking up only some Socks that Rock (in Farmhouse, and Downpour - medium weight, and Lagoon in lightweight) a purchase made possible by an 8:30 arrival time :) They were sold out very quickly.

Purchase two was the Tongue River Farm Sock Collection.

I walked around for much of the rest of they day before going back to where i started and picking up roughly 2000 yards of Brooks Farm's Harmony in an exquisite blue-purple (pictures soon).

I'm getting ready to do my first sweater. I could use the Harmony , but i may save it until i've tried and ruined my first attempt ;) I'm thinkingof the Kimono Styled Sweater from Knitpicks since the one I've seen was just gorgeous...

I'm open to suggestion tho..