Mar 26, 2008

Making choices.

Hey all,

I have decided that if i wait to have knitting-related content I may never post.
I mean how often can you say "i started a sock, and then abandoned it and I need to go buy more size 1 needles because I'm too lazy to frog the @#$% thing?"So I"ll be posting in between knitting events, because we all see what can happen when I don't. Which is not to say I'm abandoning the knitting content. I'm just talking in between.

I honestly don't know how people manage school, even part time, with real life. I truly don't.
It seems i'm always behind on something. I don't know if I worked less hard when I was in school the last time, or whether it was easier, or if my memory is playing tricks on me. Blessedly, I should be graduating this semester. I was pretty sure I wanted to go to graduate school but I honestly don't know if I have the stomach for it. I'm guessing I should wait until the semester is over to decide.

I'm getting a new computer this year, and I've decided I want a Mac. I can't say I really have a preference between Macs and PCs, I really don't. Whatever is in front of me, I'll use. But I have PCs, and I need a new machine, and blah blah blah. The question is..
The MacBook, or the MacBook Pro. I'm not going for the Air, that much is certain, I need more Oomph than that has, but I can't decide whether the Pro is worth the extra money to me, given that I don't do video editing and what not.

Anyway, I hope all are well..
More tomorrow.

Mar 22, 2008

So what to knit next

Its been very very hard to get any knitting time in this past year. Between the wedding, moving, school, work, and a variety of health problems, I feel like i have no free time.

But it hasn't stopped me from buying yarn.
Or starting projects.
I have purchased more size 1 40" addis in the last year, and all of them reside in 1/4 finished socks. And I'm still amassing sock yarn.

That said, I really don't feel like knitting socks right now. I keep picking them because they are quick and portable and i can get off a quick round or two between other things, but I really want something else.. And two sweaters from the current Knitty have caught my eye:

Marjorie (the coral colored sweater) is a more wearable shape. But Jaden (the green) has these cute belled sleeves.

So.. What do you think? I'll post a poll in the sidebar for the week.. your opinion is greatly welcomed.

Its nice to be back.

Mar 21, 2008

I can't believe i still remember my login info

Thats how long it has been since i've done this.

Periodically my husband asks what has happened to my blog.. and my answer is "the same thing that happened to my knitting." Its been eaten up by school, work, trying to sell my house and general busyness.

But I seem to be developing a renewed interest in updating, so maybe i'll suprise everyone, most of all myself.

Anyway, hope you all are well, if anyone out there forgot to take me off your bloglines and happens to read this ;)

I hope to update more regularly, truly I do, but I won't be surprised if you don't believe me until you see it.

Now where did I put that giant yarn stash...