Mar 26, 2008

Making choices.

Hey all,

I have decided that if i wait to have knitting-related content I may never post.
I mean how often can you say "i started a sock, and then abandoned it and I need to go buy more size 1 needles because I'm too lazy to frog the @#$% thing?"So I"ll be posting in between knitting events, because we all see what can happen when I don't. Which is not to say I'm abandoning the knitting content. I'm just talking in between.

I honestly don't know how people manage school, even part time, with real life. I truly don't.
It seems i'm always behind on something. I don't know if I worked less hard when I was in school the last time, or whether it was easier, or if my memory is playing tricks on me. Blessedly, I should be graduating this semester. I was pretty sure I wanted to go to graduate school but I honestly don't know if I have the stomach for it. I'm guessing I should wait until the semester is over to decide.

I'm getting a new computer this year, and I've decided I want a Mac. I can't say I really have a preference between Macs and PCs, I really don't. Whatever is in front of me, I'll use. But I have PCs, and I need a new machine, and blah blah blah. The question is..
The MacBook, or the MacBook Pro. I'm not going for the Air, that much is certain, I need more Oomph than that has, but I can't decide whether the Pro is worth the extra money to me, given that I don't do video editing and what not.

Anyway, I hope all are well..
More tomorrow.

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Veronika said...

Interesting thoughts, although I prefer PC’s over Mac’s but I always end up buying the affordable E-Machines because I buy every other year a new one to stay on top with new technologies. I love the song for the Mac Air!! Good luck in picking the right one for your needs.