Mar 22, 2008

So what to knit next

Its been very very hard to get any knitting time in this past year. Between the wedding, moving, school, work, and a variety of health problems, I feel like i have no free time.

But it hasn't stopped me from buying yarn.
Or starting projects.
I have purchased more size 1 40" addis in the last year, and all of them reside in 1/4 finished socks. And I'm still amassing sock yarn.

That said, I really don't feel like knitting socks right now. I keep picking them because they are quick and portable and i can get off a quick round or two between other things, but I really want something else.. And two sweaters from the current Knitty have caught my eye:

Marjorie (the coral colored sweater) is a more wearable shape. But Jaden (the green) has these cute belled sleeves.

So.. What do you think? I'll post a poll in the sidebar for the week.. your opinion is greatly welcomed.

Its nice to be back.

1 comment:

Dkswife said...

I love Jaden and the main reason is that it has bell sleeves. :)