Sep 29, 2006

All Whining, all the time.

So what is it with clothes shopping?

I went on a multi-store crawl today

I started at 79th STreet where I went to Filenes.
I tried on about 20 different things, none of which did much for me,
and left.

I repeated this at Ann Taylor
Two Gaps
Banana Republic
and Daffys

and purchased ::::drumroll::::

Very frustrating. I realize i have kind of a hard to fit body (doesn't everyone?) but please..

I tried on 6 skirts in the same size.
1 was too big
2 were too small
1 was too long
and one was bit in the waist, tight in the hips and hit in the wrong place.
I tried on a dress where the waist was in an awful spot, and every shirt i tried on fit either in the bust or in the shoulders, never both.

I need to learn to sew.

Sep 17, 2006

All Knitting All the time

As usual, I've dissapeared.

And I have so much to say,
and so many pictures to get off my camera
and so much to resume here.

I guess i'm going to pretend i went on hiatus for the summer.
Consider this a preview of the new fall season ;)

This weekend was a big knitting weekend.
The wonderful Amy Singer from Knitty at the Point.
The fabulous Yarn Harlot at Barnes and Noble
The New York Knit-Out
and many many lovely knitters allw eekend long!

I'm invigorated
excited about knitting and excited about blogging.

You don't have to believe it, but i'm back :)

Pics come off the camera tomorrow.