Sep 29, 2006

All Whining, all the time.

So what is it with clothes shopping?

I went on a multi-store crawl today

I started at 79th STreet where I went to Filenes.
I tried on about 20 different things, none of which did much for me,
and left.

I repeated this at Ann Taylor
Two Gaps
Banana Republic
and Daffys

and purchased ::::drumroll::::

Very frustrating. I realize i have kind of a hard to fit body (doesn't everyone?) but please..

I tried on 6 skirts in the same size.
1 was too big
2 were too small
1 was too long
and one was bit in the waist, tight in the hips and hit in the wrong place.
I tried on a dress where the waist was in an awful spot, and every shirt i tried on fit either in the bust or in the shoulders, never both.

I need to learn to sew.


Anonymous said...

Isn't shopping fun? Enjoyed your blog. On Frappr as Grandeplease.

Take care, Treowth

thatfarmgirl said...

Clothing manufacturers should be drawn and quartered. There is no standard, everything is labeled smaller than it actually is and it has taken all the joy out of shopping. Better luck next time!

LaBean said...

You too, huh? Sadly I think I'd be better off just losing the weight than to try and get a sewing machine and learn how to cut out fabric from patterns(trust me, I've tried that.. it never went well, even with Mom hovering over me).

Jennifer said...

Off the rack doesn't fit any body. I'm convinced!

Karen said...

This is why when I find a store that I can buy clothes in, I stick with it. 3/4 of my wardrobe consists of things from NY & Co. Almost everything there fits me very well. Come this way....there's a NY & Co. 1 block away. :)


it's a conspiracy as me and my rather short boyfriend are apt to say when shopping. Fact is, they just don't make clothes in enough variation of sizes i.e. skirt and trousers lengths as well as standard sizes. Oh for being able to have made to measure clothes!

luvnbeng said...

I feel your pain! When I find something that fits well, I buy multiples of it in every color offered. Especially when it comes to shoes and my big size 11 feet. Sad but true. Men have the same problem--don't even get DH started on trying to buy pants (yes, he is abnormally tall, but when the big & tall store doesn't carry your size...).

Maybe you should try knitting some skirts? I've been thinking about doing that myself!

thatfarmgirl said...

What's up? Miss your posts.