Nov 7, 2010

A non Poll Poll

Ok.. so I have a poll-type question to ask but I don't feel like building an actual poll so I'm just going to ask the question and hope for comments.

I'm one of those knitters that never actually finishes anything... like ever. And this is why..

I cast on for something, anything, and i'm going along nicely and then I'll glance down at what Im doing and see a mistake. The mistake isn't huge, and its like 10 rows back, and I think "noone will notice that" and I knit another 10 rows. At which point I can't stop seeing it.

Now I'm 20 loooong rows away from the problem (or some insurmountable difference) and its something like lace, or somethign else with a ton of decreases and whatnot and I really really don't want to go back and undo and fix it. But I also don't feel like I can go forward either. So I put it down while I contemplate the problem. A month later I pickthe project up, can't remember where I left off, but I see exactly where the error is, I have a little panic and put it away, often for good.

This is a problem. Its an expensive problem, and its resulted in a gazillion, slightly irregular, unfinished, projects that I don't recall where I left off so I can't even resume, all over the damned place.

Which brings us to today.

I'm knitting a pair of socks and somewhere at the very beginning of the stitch pattern (below the 1 inch cuff about 3 rows in, I got off the pattern by 1 stitch, creating a skew. The pattern is fine below there, but there is this glaring (to me, anyway, I mean how glaring can something be that is in little tiny yarn on little tiny needles) mistake at the top and i'm now 20 rounds below it.

So what do I do?

Do I keep going/ I mean its a sock. socks get worn, and worn out, and a small mistake on a couple of rows under the cuff arent going to make or break the thing?

Do I fix it, knowing I will keep noticing it?

How do I force myself to do one or the other?

How do I jump this hurdle so I don't end up with another project that is in the "why the hell did I stop knitting that" pile?


Kate B said...

Fix it if you will keep noticing it.
I recently frogged a hat that was nearly done when I realized it was too big. Sucked, but had to be done. And the good thing - a few days later it was redone and wearable. Socks are fast - frog and reknit.

In the future, if it's a complicated pattern, use a lifeline. I do this when knitting lace and it's a savior!

LaBean said...

It's a sock, Socks are fast. So I'd rip it completely and start over(trying to reseat ribbing is a b&^%. But I know what you mean about putting projects down for eons and not knowing where I left of and then not even wanting to try and continue. This is me and sweaters. I'll get my crap together.

But yes, do rip and start again. Oh and maybe if you do the magic loop, you can do them both at once?

Karen said...

I agree...socks are fast, so I would frog and reknit. Unless it's something you can dedicate a few minutes to and drop down to that area and fix it....

As for forcing yourself to do one or the other (frog/fix or leave it)'s all a matter of how badly you want that finished object. If it's just "eh, if I finish it, I finish it, and if I don't, oh well", you'll never get it done. I like to work with deadlines, so that it forces me to get projects done. Of course...when I knit for myself, it's always in between paid/deadline projects, so I have to knit fast. :)

AND...I find it funny that my word verification word has the word "stall" in it....

weaselrina said...

Thanks guys!

you know its really nice to see you folk. Been too long.