Mar 2, 2007

While you were out...

So um.. I haven't updated since november...
How did "that" happen..

I hope, if any of you are still around to read, that all is well..

Significant highlights since november..

1. I got engaged! About 3 weeks ago..To my wonderful bf who i've been with for over 2 1/2 years.. I will give you more details on this in an upcoming post, including ring pictures, moving details and other goodies, but for now I wanted to make sure I let you all know.

2. I've knitted squat. Less than squat, the square root of squat.
I've put time in on knitting, worked on a few things, but I've not devoted my time and energy to it and I miss it!

3. I turned 40.

4. I found out that it will be possible for me to graduate by the end of 2007 (I feel very 25, what with the college graduation and the engagement :)

5. i got a Treo 700wx, which is great!

6. My blood pressure got kinda high.

Aside from that last one, things are pretty damned good!

I hope to be doing a lot more of this in the coming weeks!

And I hope, with significant grovelling on my part to reconnect with you guys..




congratulations! I'm still checking out your blog every week. Been wondering if you were OK but presumed you were just too busy to blog, ain't that the truth! Hope you have lots of fun planning the wedding and that the blood pressure starts to come down.

thatfarmgirl said...

Lawdy! Welcome back! Congratulations! Sorry you aren't knitting (I haven't been, either). Where are you moving?!? My new home:

Dani said...

WOW is it good to see you! I understand the lull in blogging, been sorta guilty myself - life just gets in the way sometimes

BUT that said CONGRATS on the engagement, and the graduation news. Please take good care of your health though, so you can stick around a looooong time to enjoy all the goodness =)

HUGS from NC!

LaBean said...

YAY!! Congrats!! hee!! Moving? Where to?? Are we invited?? huh? huh??

Oh, and the square root of squat is... k2, p2, repeat from * :)

Dove Knits said...


thatfarmgirl said...

You've disappeared again.