Jun 23, 2007

Anyone still out there...

Hello there.

The last few months have been a blur of planning, packing and throwing things away.
I've not had an ounce of time to knit, or think about knitting (though i miss it terribly and hope to be doing more of it soon.)

I've missed posting but since all i'm generally able to do is babble about moving, i won't put you through all that, however, i will put you through this...

My cat's favorite toys are those miniature toy mice you get at pet stores.
I buy them by the handful and she promptly loses all of them.
Or eats them.. I've never been quite sure where they go.

Today I found out. I moved a credenza that had been previously too heavy to move and found these.
Save yourself the trouble of counting.
Its 45.

Forty Five toy mice!

My cat has spent the morning in absolute toy heaven :)


thatfarmgirl said...

Yes, Yes, Yes! We're still here. That is hilarious about all the mice. My roommate used to have a cat that had to take a pill every morning for about a year. When I was moving out I decided to clean the entire apartment as a going away gift to my roommate. I stuck my hand under the radiator in the kitchen and wiped out what looked to be about 200+ pills that the cat had apparently PRETENDED to swallow and then spit out instead.

KnitNana said...

THAT's one spoiled cat! lolol!
We're still here!
Hang in there - there's light at the end of the "moving" tunnel!

Horse Power said...

Ah, that is so cute! :D I've got a desk with decorative scrolling at the base and found a secret toy stash under there once, too. But 45 mice!?! That's huge! Cats are too funny.

Bad Amy said...

Isn't it amazing where they all go? And somehow, the felines KNOW that they aren't NEW toys no matter how big of a fuss I make when reintroducing them.

Dove Knits said...

Wow. That's alot of mice. Think they bred?

I love the wallpaper in that picture.

Megan said...

That is SO hilarious Amy! I know this waS FORever ago - i mean for christ sake - its Mid December! But that was too funny to not comment on! Made me smile :) And happy day before your BIRTHDAY!