Aug 27, 2005

Birds do it, Bees do it

So I finally decided to break down and do this.


  • I can't resist any free softwarey type item that comes with all sorts of prepackaged tools.
  • I'm participating in Knittyboard secret pal 5, I figured I should have someplace to show proper gratitude to whomever is gifting me.
  • I've had a halfhearted desire to create a "how the restaurants near my office screwed up my lunch order today" chronicle, and this seems like a good way to do it.
  • If i'm expected to post pictures of finished knitting somewhere, I might actually finish some of the stuff I have laying around.
  • Someone is organizing a group of "Amy's who knit and have blogs" thingy and I couldn't resist that either.

Thanks for stopping in.


Anonymous said...

Having a wonderful time, wish...

Welcome to blogland,

Kim and Richard

(P.S. -- Richard got to touch a llama!)

#5 secret pal said...

hahahaha! you have a nice website so I can gather ideas! this is a good thing. I will take out the jar of pachouli hand cream immediately! See ya later, aligator!
Love, yr SP

weaselrina said...

Yay! an SP comment :)
Very cool!