Aug 29, 2005

Wash your tangled curls with gambler's soap

After 5 months or so of knitting, it occured to me that people knit baby stuff because it's quick and small. Duh.

I love knitting socks.
Or more realistically I should say I love "trying" to knit socks. I have yet to do it successfully.

1. Sock number one was a gallant attempt with dark colored fingering weight yarn and size 1 needles - smart eh? After going blind I threw the wretched thing against the wall and haven't looked at it since.

2. Sock number two was a much more sensible choice, in Regia Crazy on size 6 needles. It was going along swimmingly, I turned the heel, I did a little happy dance, and i kept motoring onward until I realized that somewhere between picking up the gusset stitches and where I then was, I'd switched to garter stitch where I was supposed to have stockinette, and couldn't figure out why. I tore it down to where i had it right, then couldn't get it back on the needles right.

3. Sock number 3 (no I don't have three feet) made it through all the leg part before I reached into my bag to get it one day and came up with four empty double pointed needles. I can fix a dropped stitch or two, but 40 of them? Er.. I tried, but its not yet been the same.

Which brings us to our present sock - a toddler sock, quick, less painful, and much faster to do over if necessary. I did manage to lose a handful of stitches setting up the pic, but I think i recovered em all, and truthfully, I don't care, I'm finishing this damned sock even if it has holes, spurs, and flames coming out of it.

I hope to finish these guys as an expert because I'm dying to make knee socks out of this :

It's Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, in Bee Stripe.

We shall see.


darbyrose said...

That is the exact same color as I did my first pair of socks in! The first pair I completed, anyway. *grin* I made many mistakes on them, but they are enough like socks that I am wearing them right now, and am working on my second pair...which I have not had to rip back at all!! (We will not count the number of frogged socks between the first pair and these. ;-) )

Good luck!

Anita said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. As for socks...don't worry, I made many a misshapen or too large sock before I finally got the hang of it. It really is all about trial and error with socks.

By the way, I love the Lorna's Laces colorway. Is it black and yellow? I must find it if it is...those are my Pittsburgh Steelers colors.

Mintyfresh said...

Good luck with the socks! You should definitely play with baby stuff--eventually you'll find someone you know with a kid (if you aren't planning on any soon) and they are so satisfying!

When the item's super small, finishing is super speedy.