Mar 29, 2006

Clapdate Part Two

Here are a couple of "not very good" pictures
of my clapotis in progress.
The pictures don't do it justice but I'm exhausted and can't fiddle with them right now.
I am loving how this is coming out.

I wish i had more time to work on it, but such is life.
Haven't had an abundance of knitting time lately.. hopefully that will improve.

A close up, color is off but it still shows decent detail

This pic is blurry but the color is more accurate

In other news, I went outlet shopping last weekend.
Got a LOT of great stuff (Flemington)
and picked up my new glasses, which I adore. (Both pair, I ende dup getting two.
The first frames I showed you, the second are more oval.


Dani said...

Yay clap progress!!!

Jennifer said...

The clapper is coming out very nicely!

Karen said...

The purple color is gorgeous. Dare I say I saw yarn yesterday that I thought would be wonderful for a clapper, but I resisted, as it was $44/hank? Not to mention, I don't need another clapper.

Susan said...

I just dropped the stitch in the 3rd repeat last night. Oooo, I'm catching up with you--knit faster!

luvnbeng said...

That looks really pretty!

Amy Lu said...

Very cool Clapotis! I need to finish mine! Very inspiriational!