Mar 11, 2006


Ok so Branching Out just isn't happening.
I have zero love for it at the moment and I won't knit it right now, you can't make me :)
But there is kntiting happening.
Lots of it.

First of all. I have ony a little ways to go left on the marathon fuzzy feet. (Dunkin Donuts style :) and my intent is to felt them on Tuesday when i'm home for the day.

The Brickwork scarf came out of hiding for a bit this week as well, though its intended recipient moved to Phoenix so I don't suspect I'm going to rush to finish it.

Other than that, knitwise, I've had something unexpected happen.
I decided to knit another Clapotis. This is surprising for a few reasons, but mainly
that I never finished the last one.

I started Clap 1 shortly after I learned to knit last year, and as a mostly new knitter, I found it to be a greart learning project. The increases and decreases were challenging, and I found keeping my stitch count accurate to be a chore. But other than that, it helped build my confidence, though I wasn't all that great at fixing mistakes yet, and made a bazillion of them.

The main problem was the yarn. I decided to use Noro Silk Garden because
everyone else seemed to love it so much. I spent the entire setup/increase row section, and four stitch drops into the straightaway trying to convince myself that "I" loved it.
And I didn't.
The colors are beautiful, sure, but the yarn is a little too crunchy for my taste, and
It made my hands tired. And eventually I got tired of working the pattern. I put it down and never picked it up again.

And then, recently, nearly a year later, I met Mountain Colors "Twizzle". in "Berry" -- 85% Merino Wool, 15% Silk and for the first time in my knitting career, a yarn said "I want to become a..." Seriously. It told me. I never believed people when they said that before, but its true. and what it wanted to become is Clapotis. Who am I to argue?
I really never anticipated revisiting this project - I may go join the Behindthetimesalong for this one

The yarn is delicous. Soft, Smooth, Silky, and the two toned effect of the brighter pinkish color of the silk on the cranberryish merino makes it appear to sparkle. Look... pretty!

Image hosting by Photobucket

And while I'm not delving in fully yet, I couldn't resist knitting up a bit of it.
Odd showcase for it here, it looks like my towel is wearing a bikini.
And that "delinquent" in the upper left? I have no idea how that got there.
I didn't see it when i snapped the picture.. Maybe Desdemona put it there.
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On a completely different note, I defied the expectations of nearly
everyone who knows me, and cooked ziti and meatballs for the BF last weekend.
And here's proof....
Image hosting by Photobucket

BF's kitty patiently awaiting our dinner ;)

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Jennifer said...

Dinner looks yummy!

Clapotis will look beautiful in that lovely yarn.

Dani said...

ummm - dont know which looks yummier -t he yarn for the clap, or dinner!

And Im SO holding you to the April thing ;-)

Karen said...

The yarn looks great! And dinner as well. Next time we gather at my house, I request some of that! :)

luvnbeng said...

Love the yarn!