Mar 20, 2006


Ok.. for a change of pace I'll lead off with the picture.
Here is a pic of clapotis after the second straightaway
Since this pic has been taken I've completed two more straightaway repeats
and have dropped two more stitches. I think its coming out great.
I know its meant for variegated yarn, but i think the two tone quality of this yarn works
just as well and its such a dream (Mountain Colors - Twizzle) to knit with.

As per usual, I've way overbought yarn for this project. It calls for 600 yards or so
of worsted on a size 8, and I'm doing it in dk on a size 6. For some reason (and I honestly do know better), despite all logic, I felt like this would somehow up the yardage I needed.
Like I said, I really do know better, but when I'm in that "early in the project I'm not going to have enough yarn" frenzy (which is typical) I cannot be reasoned with.

So I bought a little extra.
Like double.
It's a good thing I like this yarn, I"m going to be working with it a lot ;)
I think I'm going to make some wristwarmers to go with this. And maybe a hat.

I took a lot of pics this weekend, (but they are of people from whom I've not yet obtained permission) so i will close with these two.
The first is of my new glasses. Or what will be once the lenses are put in. This is me trying on the frames in the store.
pic number two is of my friend's cat, looking guilty.
Oh and I'm making a march new years resolution to update more!


Jennifer said...

Oh, that kitty does look a little guilty. ;) I like the new frames and the Clapper is coming out very nicely.

thatfarmgirl said...

Can I tell you that you look NOTHING at all like what I imagine when I read your blog?

DomesticOverlord said...

Oh the serious overbuy, been there my friend, been there. In fact I think I may live there...

Knotingale/Susan said...

I'm glad to hear that you think a Clapotis in dk on size 6 won't take over 600 yds. (Assuming I read your entry right?) I just finished the increase rows on mine, in cotton on size 6s. I only have 650 yds and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
And, Please, Please update more, or whenever you can! I'm excited to find local knitters who are blogging.

luvnbeng said...

Love the new frames!!

Three Sisters Yarn said...

Lol! Cute cat and nice frames! The clappy is looking good. I always buy extra, cuz once the project is over I miss the yarn so much! ;)