Apr 11, 2006


Well, I'm finally on vacation :)
Two weeks off and I only needed to take 5 vacation days to get them. I love holidays.

Hopefully this will give me ample time to both knit and post.

In knitting news...

  • Clapotis has hit something of a snag. I've made it halfway through the 9th straightaway repeat when i came across a foot and a half of yarn that seems to be a stitch pulled out. I"m not sure I even understnad what happened. Its like someone tugged a length of yarn out and I suddenly have a whole length of yarn between two stitches. I'm not sure how to fix it, or why it happened but i'm going to try to pull it back in somehow. I'm trying not to panic as up until now its been gorgeous.

    Picture of Clapinprogress

    Picture of weird error- see that string hanging out? It's just in the middle of nowhere.

  • I learned Magic Loop today! I've by no means mastered it, mind you, and I've had to cast on the same sock like 12 times, but at least I have the basic idea. I'm sure I'll grow to love it, especially for its portability, but as of right this moment i find dpns less complicated.

    I plan to test out magic loop on some Socka:

  • I purchased a gigantic pile of gallon ziplocs today, with the intention of using them to organize many things, including my yarn stash.

  • Paid a visit to Knitty City today, a beautiful new store here in NY. If you haven't been, i highly recommend you go. It's a beautiful space with a great selection. I didn't buy much having gone sorta yarn-nuts lately, but I picked up a couple of 40" addis for magic loop (size 1 and 0). The owner is lovely, the salespeople are nice, and there is plenty of knitting room. It is an unusually comfy space for NYC.


Dani said...

yay! A new convert!! Once you feel more comfortable with the loop (which will come fairly quickly I would think) you will use it for just about everything I think! LOVE the socka you got too - good to have pretty things to practice with =)

I have heard that knitty city was nice, will have to get in there to check it out soon. Not too soon though LOL - with Md S & W coming up, I am not even thinking about looking at any (potentially hazardous!!) shopping sites ;-)

Have a great 2 weeks off (LUCKY!!!) This week is awful for me but maybe maybe maybe we can find some time next week? Maybe? LOL

Susan said...

I hope you solve the clapotis mystery. Perhaps when you count your stitches, you'll find one missing? Either that, or maybe you can just frog it out and nevermind what caused it.
I love magic loop, way more than dpns.

Jennifer said...

Is magic loop hard to learn? I tried to teach myself last month, and just didn't get it...

Have a good vacation!