Apr 13, 2006

Hmmm what could I be forgetting? what .. what?

First let me thank you all for your kind words and encouragement.
I'm enjoying magic loop and as you can all see, I made it thru dividing for the heel, AND turning the heel , and the dreaded picking up of stitches (I really don't like picking up stitches. For some reason, i find it grueling.)

For some reason i've made a lot of weird mistakes with this project. I keep finding dropped stitches that have been boxed into the knitting and strange little holes.

I'm also no longer that in love with how the yarn is patterning. There are weirdnesses to how the yarn stripes up (not obvious in pics but very much so in person, and the transition points between colors is muddy - made more obvious by the contrast of the yarn.

But none of that that is my real problem.

You see, I thought this project thru well - chose an easy pattern to help ease the learning of a new technique, read up on said technique to make sure I knew what i was doing, picked a relatively easy yarn to work with etc....
And then I tried on my masterpiece (in progress)
Uh.. I forgot to swatch.
Well unless you count taking gauge at the point you see below as swatching.
And instead of the 8 stitches to the inch my pattern called for, I'm getting 7.
And my sock? er.. Huge.
Why is it, that at no point in in this process, did i realize that none of the socks I own are this size?

So these are my choices..
  • Frog it
  • Find someone with big feet and flamboyant taste
  • Put a zipper on the cuff and use for storage
  • Finish it, make the second one, and felt them down to quasi slipperage.


Jennifer said...

Oh dear... I think I'd frog it. It seems like finishing this one and knitting another one just to felt them, well that just sounds painful. I think a frogging and redoing might solve the color problem and the fit issue.

Karen said...

Dannyboy says to frog it, wind it up in a lovely ball, pack it up with it's second skein and bring it to his mama.

:) :) :)

LaBean said...

Ut oh.. Whoopsie! I'd Frog it and try over witha smaller needle. Felt it? I don't think that'll work. I've machine washed my LL-made socks and they didn't shrink. fuzzed up a bit but no feltage. Sorry.

Horse Power said...

Oh, dear. My LL label says "superwash" so it's not feltable, as Labean mentioned.
I can't tell how big it actually is from the picture. If it's really the size of a canoe, well: Don't Fear the Frog.

And one more thing, I am in love with your weasel buttons! I've put one on my blog. Because weasels are cute and furry!

Stephanie said...

Yeesh...you're not helping my fear of magic loop. I'm stickin' to my DPNs man...

p.s. great to find another NYer. I work next to Seaport Yarns.