May 8, 2006

And this one was JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUST right..

Well so far at least.

After many false sock starts, Ive gotten at least the better part of a sock leg finished!

I decided to cast on again for Jaywalkers because I really love the pattern and have loved other people's finished ones. It is a fun knit.

This time I cast on in Regia Strato, on a Size 1 (magic loop -40 " addi.) and I am MUCH happier with the result.

Someone at Stitch Therapy (I don't remember her name, I'm sorry) gave me some advice on tightening my gauge. She told me that If i held the yarn a little differently, so as to leave less of a length between my finger and the needle, that my gauge would tighten up. Boy did it ever, I'm getting 9 stitches to the inch on these, and the fabric is nice and sturdy without being overly stiff. I'm doing the smaller size, and as of right now it fits perfectly, but I haven't done the heel yet and from what i understand, thats where it is tight.

Question: I've been having some problems with the heel flaps being too long AND too wide on my socks... should i try to go down a needle size? or should i reduce the number of the stitches to compensate.. Any thoughts will be appreciated.

And for anyone wondering? I love magic loop still :)

Anyway, I'm working from home today and I have about 40 minutes until I need to start. Gonna go guzzle some coffee and try and look alive. Have a great day all!


Jennifer said...

I'd just reduce the amount of stitches you use at the heel.

The socks look great!

LaBean said...

I agree, reduce the number of stitches you're working on. and just don't make as many rows of the heel flap to keep it from being too long. Here's a tip: put markers in to designate the stitches you're actually making the flap with.. this way, you won't have to move any stitches to the other needle tip while working the flap. I did that while working the short row heel on the Tulip sock I'm working on, and it really helped. Then, when you're done with the markers, you can just remove them.

Bonzairn said...

GREAT socks!!! What is a Magic Loop?

Anonymous said...

Hey Lady

This is your SP7 saying hello. Better get used to me hanging around, I'm a tenacious little bugger.

So I'm picking up that you're rather keen on sock yarn yes?

Very interesting my dear, very interesting.....