May 4, 2006

Goldisocks and the three pair

Hey all..

Sorry for the long absence. Allergy season has utterly and completely kicked my ass this year and I haven't much felt like posting. Damned oak trees. Plus i've had a few other random health thingies going on, and my mind, regrettably, has been elsewhere. But I'm back :) and I hope everyone is doing well.

From the look of the title of this post, you might assume that i've completed some socks.

you'd be wrong.

First to the plate are the bee stripe jaywalkers.
  • Round one of my bee socks got frogged due to their immense size.
  • Round two. the jaywalkers encountered a series of problems, the most serious of which is gauge fluctuation. It is first Magic loop project, I was getting used to the process, and my gauge changed so much over the course of the first sock (from 6 st/in on the leg, to 7st/in on the heel flap and heel, to 8 or 9 on the body of the foot, in places) that I have no idea how to knit a second to match. Nor do I want to, I was pretty displeased with how they were coming out so i am frogging this one too.
  • Oh yeah, and the leg was huge on me, plus I made th eheel flap too long. I mean i made it to the specs of the pattern, but it was enormous.. maybe I have little heels. Maybe I should try a short row heel next.

Status: Currently on hiatus until I feel like looking at bee yarn again.

Next we have a couple of sock attempts from Sensational Knitted Socks (a WONDERFUL BOOK). Thanks to Dani for the recommendation.

I've cast on twice using some of the Regia Strato i got.

I love this yarn, and I love how it knits up, and I've now cast on twice (in diff. sizes) for the baby cable rib socks from SKS, and both times they've been way too small. Up until now my gauge has been insanely loose.. i think we've had a switch.

So its back to the drawing board.
But I am determined, I "will" have a pair of socks done by mid may.


Dani said...

Glad you agree *s*

I LOVE the Regia you got! Cant wait to see it all knitted up.

Hope you're feeling better!!

LaBean said...

Aww man. and I was rooting for you with the ML. But as long as you keep trying that's all that matters. You've inspired me to go back to the ML, and so far, so good.