Mar 22, 2009

Fighting the Sunday Blahs

With a teeny tiny contest.

Here's how it goes.

I went to the "other" supermarket in my area yesterday and saw the following sign.
Evidently the A & P guy has been moonlighting.

Your job is to post in the comments  and tell me what product is being sold here. (winner 1)
Or to give me a really amusing wrong answer. (winner 2)
you can also email in your comment to

If more than one person actually enters, and gets the right answer  I'll use some super scientific method of determining the winner. (eeny meeny miney mo) So don't hesitate to answer if you see your answer already.

Its actually pretty easy I think.  

Winners will get their choice of

A. A mug tailored just for them from cafepress
B. A wee little garden gnome kit (blame  @rickenbakr ) for this suggestion
C. Something from my yarn stash if you are a knitter.

You have until Monday at midnight.
PS I'm keeping the comments in moderation until all entries are in :)


Arliss Paddock said...

Dang! I'm betting that the product is canned white kernel corn, but I can't figure out what the "Sb Ns" at the beginning can possibly represent. The brand name, I'm guessing? "Sub-NIblets"? "Somebody's Nauseous"?

Jennifer said...

I'm going to guess a can of creamed corn?

Anonymous said...

Sunnybrook N-something Whole Kernel Corn.

I think.

it's Joan, btw :D

Stephanie said...

Well upon a google search (which is the first thing one should do in trying to win any contest online), for the following:

sb ns wh k cm

Google image results showed the following:

The coordinates to some place in Tampa florida

The president of Egypt

The "Stone of Remembrance" of the New Zealand Rifle Brigade

Out of those 3 visual search results for the writing on that mysterious package, I would say based on the low economy prices, they are probably selling the president of Egypt.

See the image results yourself

Do I win?!!

Stephanie said...

And PS>> I'm a knitter and a yarn-o-holic!

Kate B said...

Hmmm - are we still living in the same town? Would it be cheating to head over to the A&P?
It's some kind of white kernel corn I'm guessing.

kostia said...

I think it's canned corn? "Wh K" looks like "Whole Kernel," and 15.25 oz is a standard canned-corn size. Maybe "Sb" is "store brand," but I looked on A&P's website and I can't figure out what "Ns" or "Cm" are. Maybe "Cm" is creamed, as in creamed corn?

Anyway, if "it's a can of corn" isn't specific enough, I will guess it's store brand whole kernel creamed corn.