Mar 28, 2009

Give me a Y... Give me an A...

I'm knitting I'm knitting!!

It has been ages since I've picked up the needles to do anything.  Partly because I've been so hideously busy, and partly because I just have too many hobbies  to devote enough time to any of them.  But I've missed my yarn so much and I'm happy that I finally broke into the stash and looked around.

Of course the stash is like a museum visit,  but I'm not doing stash knitting.  I felt like I had to buy something new.
Just like I always do. I'm facilitating economic recovery, don't judge ;)

I went to School Products yesterday where I picked up some yummy 50/50 Yak/Merino blend in a textured looking brown (with rust tones blended in, much more nuanced than it appears here It is is color #4.  I also picked up my eleventeenth size 8 Addis.  I don't know where any of the others are.  I suspect they are in the same vortex occupied by the cat's toy mice and most of my odd socks.

And I will be knitting the house pattern - a ribbed baby raglan turtleneck. 
Which is cute and squishy and probably won't fit any children I actually know but its small and has more than a 50 percent chance of being finished so i'm knitting it anyway.

I've come to understand that most knitters have completion issues on projects, and that it is often caused by the desire to start the next new wonderful thing, but mine are more often than not caused by the following:

1. I make a mistake, and spend the next 3 inches of the project wondering if I should ignore it or go back and fix it. 
2. I decide to ignore it, after all noone will likely notice it but me.
3. I change my mind and decide can no longer ignore said mistake because in my mind it has grown to be a giant angry blemish on the face of my otherwise happy garment.
4. I procrastinate un-knitting because that isn't nearly as much fun and put the project aside.
5. I lose the row counter that tells me how far along I was on this project so that..
6. When I pick it up again, it seems too confusing to go back and deal with it.

So it sits, with the needles in it.

Which is how i end up with 15 million row counters I can't find, a lifetime supply of duplicate needles and a list of unfinished projects.

But I'm an optimist.
I've already cast on this sweater.
And I've already made my first mistake (in 2x2 ribbing no less.. how is that even possible?!)
We'll see how far I make it.


LaBean said...

Welcome back to Knitting! I laughed the whole time, it reminded me of me. Cheers!

kostia said...

I went to School Products the last time I was in the city. My knitting friend Cindy seemed to be making it up as she went along. There we were, scamming our way into an office building on a weekend, and we were like "are you SURE" and she was like "YES why won't you TRUST me, it's HERE" and lo and behold YARN STORE. It was one of the highlights of that particular trip.



Stephanie D said...

LOL I do exactly the same thing with my knitting projects unless it's small enough for me to complete in a night. I've got rugs and blankets and everything else half finished, and with no clue "where I was" when I left off LOL!

But anyway, I wanted to let you know I got the Yak Yarn in the mail today!!!! Woooo hooooo!! You really made my day, cause I've never seen Yak Yarn before, and it is sooooo soft :) After debating for a long time about what to make with it, I decided that I'm going to make an afghan out of it plus a big bag of Egyptian Cotton yarn I have in a lovely beige color.

Since I suck at doing large projects like afghans, I decided to use the pattern I found here:

It makes an afghan out of approx. 72 knit squares. So I can make one square a night and work on it that way! And since I probably don't have enough awesome yak yarn to finish an afghan this will let me use my egyptian cotton as well as the yak yarn to make a gorgeous blanket for my bedroom!

Thank you SO SO very much, I'm so excited that I won, and so excited to get such an awesome prize - I've already completed my first square with it too!

And congratulations on going back to knitting yourself :)