Mar 8, 2009

What drugs is the guy at the A & P on?

After week of the flu follwed by a 6 day coughing fit,  we're back.

I started listening to some music, and should have a music post tomorrow,  but today was about grocery shopping.

All day.

First there was Costco, where I ate something that my body may never forgive me for (one of those sausages), and then purchased a lifetime supply of everything.   I know this place is supposed to save you money, but I can never seem to get out of there without spending a bazillion dollars.  And no matter how much stuff we actually buy we never seem to end up with actual, edible food.  

Then, after a brief visit to the pool at the Y.. since we didn't actually have groceries after the Costco was off to the supermarket! 

We have two major supermarket choices.. The Stop n Shop, which has a good selection and the worst music I've ever heard.. or the A & P which has better music, but a rogue sign printer who can't spell. Actually I'm not sure its just a spelling problem, more like a spelling, typing and abbreviating problem.

Today's visit was the A & P and I had a lot of fun reading while listening to the oldies.. (seriously, this is the better choice musically - the other has unsigned easy-listening artists)
First up we have something that I read as  Trogly Bastard (which makes just about as much sense as what it does say)

Then we have some morning-inspired tea

Right.. and the only word i can make out here is 'booty'... in which case that is a good price

No.. I don't know why he's a schmuck and I do not know how he came to fart apricots

Um  what?.

I'll be back tomorrow with a music post if I can ever recover from listening to "Kiss Me Through the Phone". 


Amy said...

Thanks for the laughs

Charlie Fern said...

I couldn't send this to half of my friends for fear that they'd pee a little when they read it. I'm keeping this one. Rock on, sister.

Kate B said...

Too funny!

ellen said...

hysterical - i have always avoided that a&p on route one. it seems like it's from a horror movie or something. do you ever look around at the other shoppers in there? they are seriously scary. now i know i've been missing out on some comedy.

Diane L. Harris said...

Gee, I feel deprived. We have no such entertainment at our local Kroger. I totally relate, though, to your observation that no matter how much one spends at Costco, one still comes home needing groceries. One of the ageless mysteries.

Bronnie said...

Wow. Where can I get me so of those Fart Apricots? As for the Booty - total bargain! And I may have just peed my pants...

Bronnie said...

I meant SOME of those Fart Apricots. I might be as bad as the guy who wrote those signs.