Apr 28, 2009

Knittiing Updates

The Cashmere neckwarmer is mostly finished, It needs to be blocked and have buttons added. and the ends woven in. I'm actually considering adding a single crochet border to compensate for the weird mistake where its wider in one spot than others. Its driving me a little crazy. Ok. a lot crazy. I have this bad habit of permanently back-burnering projects when i've discovered I've made a mistake and it is too far back to fix, so it was a really big deal for me that I actually went thru and finished this

When I was a kid and took piano lessons my instructor always used to yell at me because if I made a mistake I had to go back to the beginning of the piece and start over. I see I've brought that compulsion forward.

I liked knitting this, Its just simple enough that I can do it on the train while watching tv on my phone, and the yarn is gorgeous. (Artyarns 5 ply cashmere) I've started a second one (to be given as a gift) solely to be worked on on the train. (and other periods where I want to knit but can't pay attention to it) . As I discovered this morning, I can even balance a cup of coffee while knitting this pattern and watching tv on the train- perfect.

For non-train knitting I've revived my Falling Water Scarf. I'd completely forgotten I started one and was glad I could easily figure out where I left off. I was looking thru my ravelry page and saw this listed in my projects, and had no memory of it at all. Fortunately it was one of two things I've managed to list in Ravelry (I have tons of others i've been meaning to) because it was the only way I remembered what yarn I was using. (Malabrigo Silky Merino)

My goal for the summer is to finish or frog every project that was left stranded in the middle.
Seems reasonable.


EileenBeans said...

I'm still doing my knitting on a loom, in fact my sister just started and was better than me in a day (that bitch) so this stuff is too hard for me, I absolutely LOVE the 2nd thingy!!

weaselrina said...

Its easy! Honest.
You should let me show you!

kittymama said...

what's the difference between a neck warmer and a scarf? does a neck warmer get all scrunched up and make you look like it's 1987 and you just watched flashdance but got your neck confused with your right leg?

weaselrina said...

Heh.. a Neckwarmer is small, and buttons aqround your neck just inside your coat so that the wind doesn't get to you. Its yummy I swear.