Apr 10, 2009

So I still remember how to knit.. who knew..

I love long weekends.
And I've been in dire need of a break.
Never content to have one thing going on at a time, I was seduced into picking up a second project heading into my long weekend.

To backtrack a little - my husband and I never seem to have time to work on the stuff we enjoy.. life tends to interfere. So we committed to spending this weekend doing the things we never seem to get to - in my case its knittng and blog stuff.

I started the weekend in Katonah Yarn where I picked up some Artyarns Cashmere 5 in a blend of purply colors to make this Cashmere neckwarmer  (note: links to a pdf).

I'm enjoying this so far, and its looking pretty good...

The only real complaint I have, is that the two projects I have going at the moment are this, and the baby raglan sweater made from the yak/marino blend, and both yarns are stranded rather than plyed so I'm constantly splitting stitches, which is starting to drive me a little nuts.
Make that two complaints - or one and a half really, this scarf has a psso 2 purl stitches on the purl side, and with the splittiness of the yarn it gets a little wearing. 

Still, its yummy, soft, and easy and fast, exactly what I needed for this weekend.

Oh yeah.. went to Stew Leonards today too - forget the Disney folk, this is truly the happiest place on earth


Kate B said...

Were you a Stew's virgin? I've only been to the Danbury one once or twice. Norwalk is lots closer.
I haven't tried Katonah yarns yet - should as it's one of the few yarn shops nearby. Is it good?

weaselrina said...

Nope. we go to Stew's every time we're in this area, and I've been to the one in Yonkers a few times too (which is a madhouse)

Katonah is a nice enough yarn store, friendly.. pricey though, the Artyarns was probably close to 15 percent higher than I'm used to seeing and its no cheapie to begin with. Still they were very nice and helpful to the people who came in.

The other area stores I've been to are Sticks and Strings in Scarsedale, and Flying Fingers in Tarrytown (very nice). Been meaning to check out Knitting Niche in Greenwich since its so close, but I haven't made it over there yet.

Kate B said...

Knitting niche is closing - maybe closed already. They've been having a big sale.