Apr 30, 2009

Ok.. I admit it.

I'm panicking about swine flu.

Fine.. everyone I talk to is being all too-cool and  calm and detatched and jokey and tsk tsking the media for being all inflammatory and overreacting and making fun of people walking around in masks, but me? I'm nervous.

Maybe its because I stupidly read everything i could find on the 1918 flu.
Maybe its because I'm vaguely nuts anyway. Or because I'm asthmatic.  Or because I live in a densely populated metropolitan area and take public transportation with people who cough, sneeze and drool all over everything. Or because the background on my Twitter page is a flu virus.  Or because I have an internet connection and an unbearable compulsion to read.  Whatever it is, I can't seem to get calm about this.

There, I said it - anyone else?


Candi said...

Amy, I'm about to graduate with a degree in Public Health. A little paranoia does people good, when you consider it to be "preventative medicine." But washing your hands or using hand sanitizer will probably be enough.

Kate B said...

Well - someone I work with is currently on vacation in Mexico. A number of employees went to the Health Director (easy for us - remember I work for a town) and asked what he planned to do about the guy coming back from Mexico. Would he be allowed in the building and that sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

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