Jan 14, 2006

Happy Friday!

So I happened to see the last copy of Vogue Knitting (the winter 2005/2006 issue) at Barnes and Noble today.

I think its been out for a month or so, and given that the new issue is due out on Jan 17th, it must be.
But I cannot remember if I've read it.
I bought it, read thru the entire thing, and STILL can't remember if I'd already read it.
I mean I assume I must have because its been out a while but nothing looked familiar?
Perhaps I'm not getting some vitamins or something because I shouldn't be forgetting things like this.

I also got the new Bust magazine - so I'm in for some good reading :)

In Knitting News...

I'm still working on the Dunkin Donuts fuzzy feet.
I went to the LYS Closest to work today (The Yarn Connection)
and fondled some Nashua Creative Focus Worsted
I"m really seeing it as a sweater, so it could be my yarn of choice for the first sweater, whenever I figure out what that will be.
Its soft, its high yardage, comes in pretty colors.
Just need to find out how it wears.

I'm off to bed..
more tomorrow.


Jennifer said...

I think you'd remember if you'd read it. My guess is you haven't. I think you're good with the vitamins!

thatfarmgirl said...

I got some of the NC Worsted to make the Irish Hiking Scarf for a friend. For Christmas. Yes, this Christmas. The two balls are still sitting on my counter. It feels so soft.

Jenn said...

Donuts?? yummm...hehe...and about your gray hair, I'm only 20, and I've already found white/gray hairs. I was in high school when one of my friends found the first in my hair!! It wasn't someone else's either, it was attached! lol

- LisaD. said...

I've had the same problem with my memory. Can't remember what I ate for breakfast this morning. My memory has been getting so bad that it gets kind of embarrassing sometimes in social situations. Someone in my knitting group told me to try Vitamin B-12. Everyone else just says it's stress. Now what on earth do I have to be stressed about? I knit all day while my children are in school. Hmmm....I'm gonna try the vitamins.

Knit-n-Purl Zen said...

Tagged...you're it!! See my blog for details.

Dani said...

liar liar liar! LOL You said more tomorrow and that was 6 yesterdays ago !!
Just busting chops - cuz I can ;-)