Jan 6, 2006

Well Howdy All

How are you all doin?

I've been awful at this updating business lately - exhaustion mostly.
Coupled with an extreme lack of knitting.
I'm in the midst of finishing a pair of gifts, both of which have encountered problems and Not feeling good about starting anything else until I finish those.

So here, in the name of knitting accountability ;) I present to you some progress pics of
the lengthwise Malabrigo brickwork scarf and the Dunkin Donutsesqe Fuzzy feet (Lambs pride worsted) pictures taken on cameraphone in a flourescently lit office.
The lumpy portions at the joins on the fuzzy feet aren't as prominent in real life as they are here, and they'll felt out anyway.

Today a friend and I are going to knit at one of the nice knitting stores around town, and drink coffee, and play with yarn, and i'm going to finish the damned gifty fuzzy feet that have been stuffed at the bottom of my bag since the year one. (see above)
and I'm going to have lunch, and coffee and go home and knit in front of the TV.
All good things.

I haven't decided on a sweater yet.
I'm considering Samus
or Mariah
But both intimidate me somewhat.



Jennifer said...

I like both of those sweater choices. Can't go wrong with either!

luvnbeng said...

I like both too, but especially like the Samus! I've been a good girl and practicing my knitting. When can we have lesson #3?

Dani said...

You? Intimidated by knitting? C'mon! You can totally do either of those sweaters! (but im pulling for Samus so I can loive vicariously thru you whilst I finish a million and 6 toehr things before Im even allowed to THINK about starting another project)

DO IT!! =)

thatfarmgirl said...

The Dunkin' Donuts colors ROCK.

Jenn said...

love the UFO, cant wait to see them done!