Feb 4, 2006


For whatever reason blogger ate my last post :/
I will attempt to repost it later.
in the meantime this unbroken chunk of text below is what remains of my post.
what gives?

Oh.. and there were lots of pics in this post too - blogger ate them also

This past week at work is the busiest week of the year - we have a big fundraiser coming up next week and our entire office works really hard on getting prepared. Thus -I've had no real knitting time all week... bleh.

Fortunately I get out early on Fridays regardless so I met up with a friend and we did a little shopping - some yarn- some makeup :)

First I went to the Stila counter and bought
new eyeshadow and blush (replacement for my old)
The color on the eyeshadow is off - that palate comes in two color schemes - this is the warmer one(warm showers) and the one I got is slightly cooler (rain showers) but I couldn't find a pic of that one :)

This is where pictures of my new makeup were
And to the Prescriptives counter for a new lipstick and liner
The lipstick is "Dream" which is the one in the middle and the liner
Sheer Cherry, is the one in the front.

This is where pictures of my new makeup were

Last on the shopping front was a trip to Yarn Connection
where I treated myself to a ball of Kidsilk Haze in "583" (referred to as "blushes", I think)
It is beautiful yarn, but I think, at the moment, I don't have the patience to knit with it.
It may been bad lighting - or maybe that I shouldn't be attempting anything lacy for the first time (I decided to use it for Branching Out) with such a fuzzy yarn- but in my present state it was just too frustrating to deal with the fuzziness, the weight and the counting all at the same time.I put it down and I'm saving it for later.

Picture of pretty pink new yarn went here

Progress continues with my other projects - the most active of which are

Dunkin Donuts Fuzzy Foot - 1 down, one to go
Yak Sweater - back is almost finished (the first section)
Brickwork scarf - 1 1/2 pattern repeat left

Lastly on the personal care front -I've become sort of skincare -obsessed recently.I've always been kind of a snob when it comes to cosmetics and skincare -and I tend to spend, probably more than I should, on stuff that I could get for less in less pricy brand. It's weird, because I'm totally not like that in any other area of my life (except maybe electronics), but with cosmetics I tend to trust the pricer stuff more, whether its reasonable or not..So imagine my happy surprise that I have fallen totally in love with a skincare line from Yves Rocher.Someone turned me on to them, and I was seduced into trying them by a lot of samples, and free gifts (I LOVE samples and free gifts)I now use their Hamamelis bath products (the soap smells SO GOOD), and the Serum Vegetal skincare stuff, and after two weeks my skin looks INCREDIBLY better. And best of all - affordable! (they always have specials and sales)

I'm off to wash my face. Have a great weekend!


Dani said...

it MAY come back
blogger was down a good hour AGAIN tonight....

Jennifer said...

I have just discovered Stila and MAC. I don't wear makeup really, although I LOVE lip gloss. The Stila lip pots are great.

Anonymous said...

There's a bit of an easier thing you can do with kidsilk haze -- the "airy scarf" from the "Last Minute Knitted Gifts" book.


luvnbeng said...

Hope the fundraiser goes well! Let me know when you have time to get together. I have stitch markers for you if that's an incentive!

thatfarmgirl said...

Weaselrina. No exaggeration, at one point I had thousands of dollars worth of cosmetics and skincare. Then I got hip to Paula Begoun, the cosmetics cop. She publishes great books with detailed reviews of all products (drugstore & higher-end) and her recommendations have been right on. She even has a website where she reviews products...and there's a FREE newsletter!