Feb 26, 2006

Gluttony and Sloth

All in all a great way to spend a weekend. :)

Thursday I went to dinner at the home of Beader and Husband(who is a very good friend of mine for over a decade but I have not appropriately blog- nicknamed him yet, or obtained his permissoin to use his name, so Beader's husband will hve to suffice for now ;) and had a wonderful time!

Beader presented me with homemade stitch markers! They are so pretty that I am
tempted to beg for matching earrings!
I include multiple pictures because they are hard to photograph well.
They were presented in a lovely satiny pouch.

Friday night I got to see a very good old friend, Rosemary, who came into town with her daugther and daughte'rs friend. We met up with Richard (I have a few friends named Richard, this one I know from high school.), and went to dinner at Carmines for that good all-purpose family style Italian food binge :) It was great to see them!

Saturday was Kim's birthday and we went with a small group for dim sum. (The Richard I ususally mention was along for this one :)
I was outstandingly tired all day, but had a great time nonetheless.

I won't be eating again for a while ;)

Today I spent laying aorund the house and doing some knitting.
Cast on for Branching Out. Again.
I'm beginning to think I am never going to knit this project,
especially since it is starting to feel like work.

I've cast on countless times.
With about 4 different yarns, of different weights.
and something bothers me about it every time.
Either I lose count, or don't like how it looks, or find the gauge fussy, or something.
I've knit the first 15 rows of this thing at least a dozen times.
AndI just keep finding some problem.

I think its time i called it quits on this project and found something more hospitable.
Maybe one of the 11 things i already have going.

I think I need a good social knitting occasion to help me buckle down and finish things :)


Dani said...

social occassion? Like maybe coming out the lawn guyland for a night (weekend day? ) of knitting? Can I entice you with Masala Wok? LOL

Maybe this time is the lucky one for Branching Out. Im about to be forced to pick a pattern for my sockapaloooza socks because the sweater is on seaming time out and the lapghan is done. (Ive been filling the in between time with a project linus blanket.)

Karen said...

Social occasion? Was that a hint? :)

Jennifer said...

Those stitch markers are quite pretty!

luvnbeng said...

I'm so glad you like the stitch markers! Any time you want to knit socially, let me know. We also need to make a date for yarn shopping sometime soon : )

Sounds like you had a great (and delicious) weekend!

darbyrose said...

Oooo, very nice stitch markers! USe them on the BO, the love of your friend will seep into the yarn from the markers and all will be happiness and light and the pattern will work and....



I'm doing BO when my Clappy is done, if you want an excuse to put it off a bit longer...just join me in the Behind the Times Along in a week or 2. *grin*


Anonymous said...

Would you believe that no more than two days after dim sum that I went out for a major eating event AGAIN, doing Mardi Gras in Brooklyn with my friend Colin and some of his friends?


The baby blanket is about 4-5 inches from being done, but I have about 2 weeks or so. (I'm visiting there St. Patrick's weekend.)

Anonymous said...

Oh, that was Kim, by the way (points up at the comment I didn't sign)