Feb 25, 2006

Worst.. blogger..ever...

Let me apologize. Both in retrospect, and in advance.

Retrospect. I have been the worlds worst blogger.
I have lots of reasons. My free time has been occupied with a lot of things
Many good, some not so good.
But it hasn't left me with a whole lot of free time
And the free time I do have, I've been too tired to do much.
Work has been busy.
I've had a million social engagements (this is good :)
A few freelance things
And a new toy. (more on this later)
Things seem to be clearing up some thankfully.

And the advance apology?? Expect a lot of gratuitous pictures.
I got a new camera!!!! and i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it.
Its a Canon Powershot A610. (Read all about it here)

I briefly considerd the A620, which only differs from this one by 2 megapixels (this one is 5, the other 7) but concluded it wasn't worth it to me. And boy am I glad. The quality on this thing is amazing. Its making me a far better photographer than I actually am.

What follows are a few pics from week one of the new cam.

I haven't been knitting as much as I'd like (though i'm getting back into the swing of it.) But since this is a knitting blog, I do feel like I should lead off with some knitting, even if it isn't mine.
(all pictures can be seen larger by clicking on em)

Here is Branching Out in progress.. up close and personal (Macro focus)

Next up is Joy's 1 and a half year old Jacob. This pic was clipped out of a video,
and is much better than I'd have expectd.

Gratuitous Empire State Building Shot. In its largest size you can see the spire clearly.

I'll save more pictures for later, but I'm glad I got some online to share :)

Tomorrow, I am going to celebrate the birthday of the Woman who told me to knit.
If you get a chance, click here and go wish Kim a Happy Birthday

Hope you all haven't gone completely away :) Its good to be back!


luvnbeng said...

Great picture of the Empire State Building! I'm so glad you were able to come over for dinner the other night. We need to go yarn shopping sometime soon!

Karen said...

I haven't left! :)

Isn't a new camera awesome? My last couple of photos were with my new camera (Kodak Easy Share v530), and it rocks.

Your friend's little one is WAY cute!

darbyrose said...

Glad to have you back, hope things get on track for you.

Guess you aren't doing any Olympic Knitting? ;-)


Jennifer said...

Good to read you again!

Dani said...

Well hey there stranger! Nice to see you in action again!

I have the Canon Power Shot A95 and I LOVE it! Since yours in the latest updated version of that, I KNOW you will love it too!!!

Seriously... really nice to have you back!

LaBean said...

Whoa.. though you'd fallen in. Glad to see you bad and hope all straightens out quickly. Joy's little one is adorable!! Tell her some nutty person you've met thinks her Branching Out is looking Great so far! Oh, and that was at an au bon pain, wasn't it? I think I've been working in that chain way too long.

I'm one generation ahead of your cam with my a510. I agree it's a great camera/series.