Jun 24, 2006

Happy Summer -

Before I begin - Please please please visit my friend Dani's contest here and help support an excellent cause

Hello all.

I am sorry for my absence - I had a busy few weeks, first with my leaky roof, then with work and now with a truly obnoxious injury.

I was walking down a small set of stone steps, heading toward the one train on 49th street and broadway when i fell, badly spraining my right ankle and fracturing a bone in my left foot. Yep , you got it, I hurt both feet, fun eh?

This did make for a couple of fun New York moments - including the homeless guy who ran to my aid and offered tobe a witness if I decided to sue, and a cop, who when I commented that we were drawing a crowd said "They probably think we (meaning the cops) did this to you".

I spent that night in the ER, the next two days at R's house where I was well cared for by friends, and coworkers, and I'm now out at the BFs house, keeping my feet elevated, and hobbling to and from the bathroom as needed. I got to shower yesterday - I'm sure everyone around me is applauding ;)

Oh- and the picture above? I'm watching goofy movies to entertain myself, and found this moment, right at the beginning of the Poseiden Adventure (the original). Shelly Winters- Knitting! How cool!

Speaking of knitting - . I finished my Jaywalkers and they came out great! I LOVE them, I can hardly wait till the weater is appropriate to wear em (september maybe?). I'll post pictures the next time I'm home since I dont have them with me here at the BF;

I visited The Yarn Tree in Brooklyn
which is a delightful store - with quite a bit of unique yarn, good service, decent prices, and, if you are into that sorta thing, fiber.

I picked up some Alpaca with a Twist "Landscapes" (an ultra-squishy soft alpaca silk blend) and i'm using it to make the fingerless mitts they had sampled in the store. Its a fast easy knitand I picked up the one in the store and it was too yummy for words so I decided to get the pattern as well as the yarn.

Nice stuff - I'd love to make a sweater out of it.

I also picked up some exquisite handpainted sock yarn from Capistrano Fiber Arts Studios (By Lori Lawson) A 50/50 silk and Merino Blend in Brambleberry. This is a truly outrageous yarn, soft, silky , firm, I'm almost afraid to knit it!

Its slightly light on yardage- 300 so as far as socks go, I dont want to use a hight yardaage sock pattern (a lower yardage one would be perect) .. anyone have any ideas on what might be a good pattern for this most beautiful yarn?


Mandy said...

I hope you are doing ok! Keep your feet up and keep knitting!! Enjoy your movies!!

Dani said...

Look at all that yummy fibery goodness! ANd check you out churning out socks like an old pro!!

So sorry about your accident. I'm glad you are being well cared for though!

Thanks so much for the plug on the contest too! I just got confirmation that in addition to the custom yarn from Scout, Dani (of Sunshine Yarns) will be donating a custom skein as well. *S*

Relax, and enjoy the extra knitting time as best you can!! Hurry up and feel better =)

Jennifer said...

Ouch! That sounds painful. Rest up!

LaBean said...

Whoops. Sorry you banged up your feet, but it's good people are taking care of you! Nice goodies you found at the Yarn Tree, and yep, I'd more likely go there for the fiber! Capistrano. Everytime I see or hear that I think pastrami :)). Is there something wrong with me that I knew that was Shelley Winters before I'd read it in your blog? Now I'll have to watch that movie again. It was a favorite of mine.

luvnbeng said...

OMG--I had no idea about your fall and injury!! Can I do anything to help you? Hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Oops! I sent another parcel to your work address last week not realising that you might not be at work. Will someone there pass it on to you?

Hope you are enjoying your movies and your knitting and that the pain is not too bad right now.

LOL Your Knittysp7xxx

carrie said...

that story is CLASSIC. and i have my own leaky roof problem. only in new york, kids! hope you bounce back soon.

Anonymous said...

So, there can't be many people in NY with sore feet...... I think I may have you sussed...... is your identity a seekrit??????

weaselrina said...

Heh :) I am def. someone's SP , but whether or not i'm yours depends on who YOU are :)

Penny Karma said...

Oh, that yarn is so pretty!!

spaazlicious said...

I just knit up some Lovely Lace socks from IK and not only did they knit up really fast but they seemed to use barely any yarn at all.

I love Capistrano Fiber Arts colorways, their booth is always a feast for the eyes.