Jun 3, 2006


Warning: This post is just one non-stop whine fest.

For those of you outside the area, we had a LOT of rain in the last two days.
I came home today to find water and ceiling material on the floor on the top story of my house. The roof looked ok (which doesn't necesarily mean anything, it could still be leaking), but there was a fair amount of water sitting in the gutter, which could mean its not draining properly.(it looks like its not pitched properly)

I need someone HONEST to assess the problem, whehter its the roof or the gutter, and to deal with it. Without ripping me off.

I hate hate hate this crap.
I hate looking for contractors
my handyman guy got too busy to take my kinda jobs
And I don't have any good recommendations.

Signed - Leaky in Brooklyn.


Jennifer said...

Oh no... I hate house stuff, especially stuff that requires contractors. That is horrible.

schrodinger said...

YIKES! That's a horrible thing to come back to, esp. after traveling home in that horrible rain. I wish I could help with contractor recommendations, however, all I can do is try to send positive vibes to you.

carrie said...

oh man, i'm so solidly a renter that i have no clue. do you have any neighbors you trust who can give recommendations? or a neighborhood organization, even a business nearby that you trust? what a pain!