Jun 5, 2006

WWKIP day..

So.. Any of you all going to be in Central Park on Sat?

I was planning on going and knitting regardless, and i'm good at mingling - but I'd much rather go "with" people :)

And thank all of you who offered kind words and support re: my house :) I really appreciate it!


Karen said...

The little one and I will be there. We're going to try to get there early to have a picnic lunch and then he can run to the playground while I knit. Bean will be there too with rugrats. :) Did you want to go into the city together or just meet there?

Dani said...

I SO wanted to go, and would have loved to meet up with you... timing is just off =(

LaBean said...

Well I guess I don't have to say, I'll be there too, huh? :)

Anonymous said...

Did you go to the park? Sounds nice!
Love Your Knittysp7xxx