Dec 13, 2005

I'm how old?

Well as old as this guy...

Thats right... 39.
Very weird. I don't feel 39.

Thanks to everyone for their birthday greetings yesterday! I really appreciate it.
And special thanks to Dani for directing birthday traffic my way.

The birthday festivities thusfar have been great!
Lots of nice gifts, lots of attention, and I still have 3 or 4 more plans for the " birthday week +"
I have good friends :)

The temps here in NYC today are brutal... High of 27, low of 16.
I'm really growing to appreciate the fact that I"ve become a knitter in a new way ;)
My stuff is SO MUCH WARMER than everyone I work with :)

Well back to work.. but before I go, I'll leave you with this question...
When did we, as a people, develop a need for 6 different magazines about shopping?


Mintyfresh said...

Happy Birthday! I hadn't realized that yesterday was the day.

Karen said...

I also didn't get the memo about your birthday! Happy Belated!

Jennifer said...

Happy birthday!

Bean said...

Oops. You did mention this at K's knitting party right? I missed it! Happy Belated birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Birthday are special,
Birthdays should be a special time!