Dec 17, 2005

Um.. who am I supposed to be shopping for.?

It has generally been the case that I don't exchange too much in the way of holiday gifts with my friends and family. This year is slightly different as I'm knitting fuzzy feet for a few people and a scarf or two for a few others, but mostly we don't do much exchanging.

I'm not made of stone, however, and it's hard to avoid getting caught up in the shopping frenzy, what with all the advertising and such. But who to shop for.... hmmm.. who .. who...

That's right... ME!

And you know, it is hard not to feel completely decadent when you are laying around in a big squishy chair at Barnes & Noble, relaxing and reading, the weekend before Christmas, while everyone else rushes around trying to get their shopping done. And the kicker is getting up and buying 30 dollars worth of knitting books for myself when I leave :)

But wait.. there's more!

Today some friends had a jewelry open house
and my bf bought me this.... (plus I picked up a matching necklace!)

They make lots of very cool jewelry, some of which can be found on their website
They only have some of their stuff displayed at any given time but its all really nice, and so are they! check em out!

Oh.. and if THAT wasn't enough - a trip to Marhsalls yeilded a pair of Born loafers, a sweater and three bras!

On the knitting front, I have 2 coordinated pair of Fuzzy feet for a couple (both will be same colors in different patterns) in the works. My brickwork, lengthwise scarf is about half done, and I've just gotten moving on mitten #2!

Tonight is dinner with the bf's parents for his birthday.
Hopefully I can get through THAT without doing any more shopping ;)


Dani said...

NICE!! Doncha love MEMEME shopping trips (especially so close to your birthday? LOL)

Hope dinner went well =)

Jennifer said...

Love the bracelet! Sounds like you've done very well today!