Dec 1, 2005

It is time to rename customer service

"All customer service representatives are still assisting other callers.. we thank you for your patience"


Do you mean the patience you exhausted 25 minutes ago the first time I heard this message?
The patience that ran out after hearing your 2 pieces of hold music for merely the 10th time, roughtly 20 minutes ago?
Or the patience that expired when for the 3rd time of trying your Sales support number, I was misdirected to technical support.
Or the patience that was tested when I tried the number for rebates, and you told me to call sales support, who gave me tech support who told me to call rebates.

I never want to hear either of these songs again, and this woman's voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me now.

I have many things, chief among them a headache, a crick in my neck, a frustration level that my doctor would be concerned about, and a sincere desire to break my phone.

What I do not have is patience.
And I need a headset.

You're welcome.


Jennifer said...

Whenever I hear that message, I think to myself, "I just know that every customer service rep is on a break, drinking coffee, painting their nails, and discussing the latest Lost episode and making me wait here so that I end up with cauliflower ear, and scoliosis from holding this freaking receiver up against my ear using my shoulder."

Dani said...

Seriously, the BEST $15 I EVER spent was on my headset. I got it when I was having all those shoulder and neck issues, and I LOVE IT. Since I work from home, I put it on in the morning and dont take it off till the end of the day - MUCH more gooder ;-)

Sorry you had to deal with the hold time. It is SO frustrating!

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing it was Dell you're dealing with ... if that's the case I'd do as much as possible via email. But then again, I emailed them a question once and my email program was screwy and I re-sent the message twice because I didn't think it went through ... I ended up with 3 different answers to my question!

Bean said...

So you're Weaselrina! I don't remember you saying that when I met you Saturday. It was a pleasure meeting you as well. I know just what you mean. Yep, got a headset. I got it primarily for my cell phone but it works for my home phone too.