Dec 8, 2005

So that explains it..

Thank you to you well-wishers from yesterdays complainy post :)
I appreciate the pep talk and moral support!

The inexplicable crabitude yesterday? Explained! Woke up with a migraine today.
I should have realized. It seems that whenever i'm in THAT bad a mood, and it's not pms, a migraine is on the way.

As for my complete lack of patience, well, I got a little life lesson in that last night.

I'm knitting a beyootiful Malabrigo scarf that is being knit lengthwise. I cast on my 189 stitches and made it all the way thru the first row of k2p2 (which is what the ends are done in, when I realized that i'd misnumbered someplace.
Where? at stitch 90. So after meticilously tinking my way back, i caused some other foulup that required i start over.
I hate casting on.
and i got to cast on 189 stitches TWICE yesterday.
:) A lesson in complaining that I feel impatient, I suspect.

The Malabrigo is unbelievable to work with. So delicious.
It tends to cling to itself (which leads to knotting if I'm not paying attention) but other than that I'm crazy about it.

I need to schedule a photo session with myself, the secret pal gift and my finished objects. Maybe tonight if i don't fall asleep early.


keohinani said...

omg, reading this just gave me flashbacks of when i did the ribbon scarf from handknit holidays. it's knit lengthwise, and you end up with 3200 sts. ugh...i am NEVER knitting a scarf lengthwise EVER again!
malabrigo...doesn't that word just roll off your tongue? malabrigo :) i would just buy that yarn based on the way it sounds. malabrigo malabrigo MALABRIGO!!!!

luvnbeng said...

Hope you're feeling better today!!

Jennifer said...

I'm getting some Malabrigo for Christmas. Ooohh, I'm excited now!

me myself and i said...

glad to hear your feeling better! Would love to see pics of the scarfd...would it work with Manos???

Secret said...

Happy Birthday Weaselrina!
I hope you have a good one, sans migrane and with good birthday cake as well! Enjoy your new year!

Dani said...

Where's the birthday girl?

Ahem.. memememe

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dearrrrrrrrrr Ammmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Happy Birthday to you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

ericah64 said...


Mandy said...

A very happy birthday to you Amy! I hope that it is a great one!!!

KnitNana said...

Have a terrific birthday and I'm so glad you're feeling more yourself today!