Dec 6, 2005

Who knew I was this fickle?

I'm detecting a new trend.
Whatever I knit with at the moment is the best yarn in the world.

First it was Koigu. I was sure I'd never want to knit anything else again.

Then I picked up some Cashmerino Chunky for my hat - SO SOFT I thought "I should make everything in this"

Then it was the 127 print - so rich and squishy. And the colors - OMG.. the colors.

Today's love affair? Malabrigo
Oh.. My... So Soft but yet so sturdy
Feels like alpaca but holds shape like lambs wool
I could eat this stuff, I really could.

I picked up two balls of Malabrigo -
one in cypress (a delicious teal color- see it here)
one in black forest (a smokey taupe, see it here)

I tried to photograph them but they just wouldn't photograph so the links above give some idea of the beautiful colors.
I'm using it to make a brick lengthwise scarf that looks sort of woven (a house pattern from Knit NY that I've been ogling for months)

I leave you with the first of two mittens I'm making from the delicious and yummy 127 Print
I can't wait to finish the second.
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darbyrose said...

Oooo, lucky you! I have never knit with any of those yarns. Haven't even SEEN them.

Love the mitten! I am working on a pair myself because it is4 frickin' degrees outside right now.

I say we lobby for 3 seasons per year - just skip right past winter and go back to Spring.,-)


aispmnl - how people ask for an aspirin after having dental work done.

Jennifer said...

I love the mittens! The colors are very pretty. Haven't seen that yarn. I love the other yarns you've mentioned though!

Nessie Noodle said...

great mittens! don't eat the yarn, you may bet hairballs and that could be a messy messy mess...;)