Dec 7, 2005

You don't wanna know me today.

Hi, I am the crankiest woman alive today.
I've been snapping at everyone
I have no patience whatsoever.
Every one, every thing, every sight, sound, color, smell is annoying the holy living shit out of me.

I've been walking around the office all day hissing.

Just got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.
Got caught in a long-ass train delay and my mood just has not improved since then.

I need to do something about this. I'm unbearable.
I'm amazed any of my coworkers are still speaking to me.



darbyrose said...

Have some chocolate, put on your jammies, and curl up with a blankie and some Fuzzy Feet. Zone out with a book or a mindless TV show (which is pretty much any of them ;-) ).


Dani said...

I know those days - the ones where I cant even stand to be near myself =) Hoping today is much better for you, and ya know what, if it isn't so what? you're entitled!!My mom used tot ell me to give into the mood and let it be - they tend to pass much more quickly that way =)

{{{{{amy}}}}} (from a safe distance LOL)

That Knitting Chick said...

Hope your day gets better. I second what Dani said - just give into in for a little while; besides, days like this make you appreciate the good ones all the more.

teabird17 said...

I thought I was the only person who (literally) walked around hissing. HA! Sometimes, the migraine (I get those, too) is a good excuse to pamper yourself - or maybe you don't think it's "pampering" when you lie in a quiet room with ice under your neck? To me, the *quiet* part is the luxury. Hope you're better now!