Nov 14, 2005

I'm it!

This time by PuppyMomma to post 20 things about myself.

Here goes..

1. I've lived in NYC my entire 38 year life.
2. I am almost never asleep before 1 am (usually later) and rarely awake before 9am.
3. I would rather drink coffee than alcohol.
4. I am somewhat mistrustful of people who don't like animals.
5. I've been at the same job for 10 years.
6. I've never driven a car
7. Or shot pool
8. Or gone skiing.
9. I lost my virginity the week before my 16th birthday. I never felt it was too young and I never regretted it.
10. I got married at 26 and do feel that was too young.
11. I'm divorced from the man I married at 26
12. I can't sing, at all and have always been jealous of people who can.
13. I have never felt that something being the norm was a good reason for me to do it.
14. I respond very unfavorably to guilt and/or manipulation - it is probably the best way to get me NOT to do whatever it is you want.
15. I am not even slightly religous. Not even on holidays.
16. I am not great about suspension of disbelief - therefore my favorite fiction is usually very realistic.
17. Other than knitting I'm not particularly good at making things (whether i'm good at knitting is a topic for another day ;)
18. I keep my friends forever
19. I'm also friends with many of my ex boyfriends
20. I take myself much less seriously than the tone of this list would suggest.


AmyP said...

Re: number 4 - I like animals as long as you don't include spiders and huge black dogs (story for another day!)
#14 - in that case - never buy me yarn, EVER! ;D

Jennifer said...

I'm a bit mistrustful of people who don't like animals as well.

luvnbeng said...

Do birds count as animals?

MeBeth said...

I agree with many of these, but I have to say that shooting pool is pretty fun - definitely worth trying out sometime!

ScreamingPepper said...
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ScreamingPepper said...

My "deflowering" happened pretty much around the same time yours did. In actuality, I think it was right on time.

Sometimes, it just is.