Nov 3, 2005

Ok so I'm a coward.

And I haven't felted my fuzzy feet yet.

Why? because I keep getting home late, and I can't stand going into my basement (Home of the Washer) after dark. Or at the very latest after 8-9pm.

And why is that?
Because everything bad that happens in a house shows up first in the basement.
Leaks from higher floors
Sewer backups
Gas odors

And you don't want to discover any of those things when you should be preparing to go to bed. Since that means
a. waiting for said bug to find its way upstairs
b. ignoring a problem that could ruin your house
c. callin an after- hours repair person which is evil and expensive.

And so.. I don't go down there during the night.
Which means no felting yet.
Funny - I'd have thought the knitting part of the process would have taken longer than the felting part. Life is funny that way.

So in the interest of finding a less insane sounding reason why I haven't felted them yet, I've decided on "I"m now knitting a Sophie bag link here a. because its fun and b. so i can say "I'm holding off til i can felt everything at once ;)

Seriously -felting, tomorrow, no matter what


me myself and i said...

LOL! I would feel the same way if I had to go into our dungeon at night.

Bad Amy said...

You can do it! Fuzzy Feet for all Amys!

But I do love the excuse - I may have to knit up one of the Sophie bags too.

luvnbeng said...

I think the fuzzy feet look great! Can't wait for my lesson tomorrow!

keohinani said...

or you could do it early in the morning? maybe? idk, i'm not too thrilled about bugs, repairs, or leakage myself. :S
good luck with the felting!

Kristy said...

I have checked your blog no less than 15 times today to see how the Cascade 220 fuzzy feet felted! :) Looks like I will hold the same vigil tomorrow.

Also, love that Sophie bag. What yarn/what color are you knitting yours?

amandamonkey said...

Love your final felted feet.

I had to comment here, though, because that is the most sane outline of why to avoid a basement at night that I've ever heard.