Nov 21, 2005

A small update

Hi there.
Nice weekend - good Tofurky™ (really, the meal was surprisingly good!)
Saw the walmart movie (good documentary but horrifying)
Took other friends to lunch for their respective birthdays
and had a nice little book shopping spree in which my wonderful boyfriend got me two magazines, two books and the cutest stuffed bear ever. We named him Polka.

Just a few progress pics on the IHS
I"m nearly done. I love love love how this baby is coming out, so squishy and so yummy and I must finish it by thanksgiving when it will be cold and yucky out so that I can wear it.

Lastly just another happy little request for you to put yourself on my map :)

Image hosted by

Yay! Its a short week!


thatfarmgirl said...

IHS looks great. I'm starting one soon (I hope!). Visit my've been tagged!

Jennifer said...

Love IHS. Very pretty color.

keohinani said...

the walmart movie? there's a walmart movie? whoa...
aw, your bf is so sweet.
nice scarf! love the cables...i might have to look into it.. :)

me myself and i said...

love the IHS! The color is great!

Darcie said...

I love it. I need that pattern!

Jenn said...

I love the scarf! It's looks like it's going to be so yummy feeling!

That Knitting Chick said...

Hey! Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving! zThe scarf looks great

KniTaPaLooZa said...

IHS looks fantastic. It looks so cozy. wow. I have it in my project to do pile I just may have to sare that one sooner then I think.