Nov 18, 2005

The little headache that could.

I have had a headache for going on two weeks now..
think thats a problem?

I'm sure i'm allergic to something but I haven't tracked it down yet. Part of it was some new hair product a woman at work was using (thankfully she discontinued doing so without too much of a fight).. the rest has yet to be determined.

Haven't had too too much time to knit this week - been working too much, and I got a new toy this week that is making me very very happy!

Its so cute.. so tiny and so fast!

Gotta leave work now.. more later!


Jennifer said...

Nice new computer!

Joanna said...

Haha, is that a dell inspiron 700? I clicked the link while sitting here using my own dell inspiron 700, and it looked like one of those picture-inside-a-picture things. :) I've had mine for a few months now, and I love it!