Nov 26, 2005

Mmmmmmmmmm Stuffing

Well happy day-after-thanksgiving all :)

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday.

Mine was good- went to my sister's as I do every year and had a nice time. Tis a long day out there, so I got some knitting done while there.

Today I went to the boyfriend's parent's house for leftovers (Yummy - MORE stuffing!), and then went to see "Walk the Line". I thought it was VERY good - much better than I'd been prepped for.

Knitting News:
I finished the Irish Hiking Scarf !! I should have a pic up in a day or so if i can ever bring myself to take it off long enough to photograph it in final :) I LOVE it! and I finished it not a moment too soon - It got so damned cold out Thanksgiving night that I was grateful to be able to wear it home. (Those outdoor train platforms are murder!)

I wanted a matching hat, and it's nearly impossible to exactly match reds so I saved a little of the yarn and bought some Black Cashmerino Chunky for the hat - i'll use the leftover scarf yarn to make a stripe or something.

I'm up to my toe decreases on Fuzzy Feet two (in Lamb's pride bulky) and hope to felt em in a day or so.

So i'm nearly all set to use that 400 yards or so of Misti Alpaca that followed me home not long ago... what to make what to make..;)

Oh.. and my new laptop? SO COOL! I love having my own computer everywhere I go!

I got tagged a few days ago by Thatfarmgirl and plan on rising to the challenge tomorrow :)
Until then..


Dani said...

Glad you got the IHS all finished up - Im stalled again. But that was because EVERYTHING I was doing got stalled - I worked on it some last night and I cant tonight as the peron this one is for will be here - ah well!

Glad your Thanksgiving was nice =)

me myself and i said...

cant wait for pics of IHS!!!

Jennifer said...

Want to see pics!!!!

SpaceCase said...

I, too, will wait patiently for pics of the finished scarf. And the latest Fuzzy Feet.

Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving!

luvnbeng said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving! Looking forward to seeing photos of the scarf! Maybe we can schedule the 2nd lesson sometime next week or the week after (if you have time).

keohinani said...

i'm eager to see pics of your IHS and fuzzy feet too! i SO want to see Walk the Line. i hear joaquin and reese do their own singing! cooooool!
a new there's something i don't need but i want because my laptop computer from college that i bought in 2002 is ancient by technology standards. *sigh* it runs okay, but i just wish it had that little slot for memory cards instead of just the USB port in the back of the dang computer. i hate fumbling with the stupid USB chord and i'm SOL when i lose it.
oh! don't forget to post your entry for the "you knit too much" contest (if you haven't already).

Funessa said...

Hi there! I found your blog while searching for people who have knit up Fuzzy Feet with Lambs Pride Bulky (instead of worsted) and I wanted to know if yours turned out!!! I had knitted a pair of these last year w/ Cascade 220 and they're TOO THIN to really be called slippers. They're more like thick socks (even after felting). So, just want to see how yours turned out. ... If you have pics, I'd love to see them. Thanks! -Vanessa