Nov 1, 2005

One Unfelted Fuzzy Foot He Felt Smart

Just a quick edit of this earlier post to add.. that I'm finally using the blog that Dani of YeaIknit so graciously invited me to. I decided to use it solely for my diet and exercise tracking (to keep me focused on my health), which I can't imagine anyone wants to read about, but in case you do, it can be found here and on the right. I

The above is my first foot, pre-felting, finished as of last night. The second is about 1/2 done.
The bottle of soda is included for scale, which vaguely reminds me of someone holding up today's paper to prove what date it is.

The picture was taken with my cellphone, which should explain the sickly hue, and terrible resolution. I'd have used the office digital camera, but that vamoosed about a year ago and has yet to be replaced. (If anyone want's to donate a digial camera to a nice non-profit organization, I promise it will be used to take work-related pictures instead of not-yet-fuzzy feet most of the time ;)

I hope to get these babies felted tonight.
They are a fast fun knit and I plan on doing a second pair shortly.. perhaps in something orangey.


keohinani said..., that was quick. :) can't wait to see the finished product!

me myself and i said...

very cool! Cant wait to see it felted! Isnt Dani awesoem?

darbyrose said...

Too bad you have to go to work...I made and felted my Fuzzy Feet in a day...BWAHAHAHA!

(I really need a life...sigh!)

I can't wait to see how yours felt! I bet the color will be amazing.