Oct 30, 2005

Fuzzy Feet! and I got tagged :)

I'm participating in my first ever Knit-a-long!
A fuzzy feet along!
Pattern Here
Knitalong Here
Original impetus here

My first pair (if i like knitting em I'm making a few gifts out of them)
will be in Cascade 220 (9432 quatro) which is an alluring combo of blues and greens.
This picture.. like the project is fuzzy.

I might cast on for them tonight, or I may get lost in "what my tivo recorded this weekend" depending on how i feel.

This brings my "active projects that I can remember offhand" to...

Fuzzy feet
my Irish Hiking scarf (which I will finish in the next few days!)
A long forgotten but soon to be revived silk garden Clapotis
a Ribbed hat in a rust colored "Extra"
a pair of delicious Koigu socks.
And an Ipod cozy for a coworker (which i really should have finished by now)
Bath mitts! Delicious wonderful Bath mitts .

My Secret pal gave me the Irish hiking scarf pattern and yarn, and the bath mitts patten and yarn and I must say again how much I enjoy her intiution on what I will enjoy knitting.
She's awesome!.

Oh yeah, one more thing
Saw Jon Stewart on Friday night in Stamfort CT.
He was GREAT! Very funny.
I can't help but be amused though, at the fact that I used to see him in comedy clubs in the late 80s for a 2 drink minimum, and now pay exorbitant sums to see him in a theater.
But he did put on a good show, and a long one at that, he gave us roughly 90-120 min :)

I got tagged by Pepperknit
so here goes

  1. What is your all-time favorite yarn to knit with?
    Whichever I knit with last ;) Seriously these days its Koigu KPPPM. Though I still love Karabella Aurora 8

2. Favorite needles?
Addi Turbos for everything but socks.

3. What's the worst thing you ever knit?
I have a few truly hideous scarves that I have hidden someplace

4. Favorite knit pattern?
Oy.. I’m still too new to answer this I think – but I’d probably be lost without a good sock pattern.

5. Most valuable knitting technique?

I’ll second Pepperknit’s vote for the felted join.

6. Best knit book or magazine?

I love Interweave Knits, and I learned a whole lot from the first Stitch ‘N Bitch book

7. Favorite knitalong?

My first real one - Fuzzy Feet! (I did a clapotis one but flaked on it

8. Favorite knitblogs?
So many! Yea I Knit
Domestic Overlord
Crazy Aunt Purl
The Crochet Dude
Me, Myself and I
and everyone in my sidebar. Plus some more. Don't be offended if i forgot you, I just dashed off the first six (my lucky number) that I could think of.
A special mention for "The music of what happens". Not a knitblog per se but she taught me to knit
9. Favorite knitwear designer?

No idea really - I like a lot of things.

10. The knit item that you wear the most?

My black and pink Crystal Palace Iceland hat that I made over the weekend. It may be brand new but it’s kept me from having to turn my heat on yet!


me myself and i said...

pretty yarn!!!

thatfarmgirl said...

Thanks for the eyelash glue remover tip! I ended up picking it off with my Tweezerman tweezers. Ugh, I can't believe I have to put those things on again tomorrow night (to scare the kiddles...)

Dani said...

Well color me flattered =) You're so sweet =)

Love the yarn,, and don't tell amnyway but I joined the FF KAL also - because I NEED another project, right? Im not starting till next weekend though...

Jenn said...

Gorgeous yarn!

That Knitting Chick said...

Count me in on the fuzzy feet!! Although, I have so much free time for knitting (?!?!) what's one more project? And what's a felted join? Sounds interesting

keohinani said...

oooh, i like the yarn!!! can't wait to see the irish hiking scarf all finished up...and the clapotis :)

~drew emborsky~ said...

Great yarn!