Oct 12, 2005

Vacation.. what vacation..

I have a WONDERFUL Secret pal, who sent me a fantastic package today!!! And I need to throw batteries in my camera and take pics of the fabulous loot :) And she will get her own post, probably first thing tomorrow morning when my brain returns. She was wonderful, thoughtful and sent me a gift that brightened my day immeasurably. I'm just too cranky tonight to do this amazing package justice and I want to show the proper appreciation. So tomorrow it shall be.

Todays post, however, begins with whining -

So ostensibly my vacation starts tomorrow (Wednesday)
One would think this means that I wouldn't have to go to work wouldn't it?
But nooooooooooooooooooo

In addition to the traditional "night before a vacation work till midnight to get everything done" festival - I have to go in tomorrow because we're having electrical work done and I have to make sure all the equipment doesnt' fry out and such when the power is downed and upped.
Maybe i'll turn this into a reason to visit a yarn store tomorrow.
And the gym
because if I keep gaining weight like this I'm going to set some sort of record.
To be fair, noone said I HAD to go in.
But trust me, its easier if I do.
I feel protective of my machines.

and now for the good news.
Im off till the 27th after i finally get started on vacation.
And thats real good news.

Kitty pi will probably be felted during that time ;)
but here is a lovely unfelted pic

And I put it on the floor to take a pic of it unfelted , turned around to pick up the camera and turned back and ....

Thats the BFs kitty.. (for whom I made the bed) and somehow she knew it was hers!! I'm very happy and hope to give her the finished, felted, blocked version this coming weekend :)

My kitty not to be outdone, is asleep in my bra. I'll spare you the picture.

Tune in tomorrow for pictures of my Secret Pal package (it is AWESOME!)

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me myself and i said...

love your blog! Cant wait for the pics of your gifties from your SP!!