Oct 14, 2005

Picture fest

At long last... some pictures!!!

First of the secret pal box!
the pictures aren't great(as usual.. my hands move)..
But the gift was first rate! I couldn't be happier!

Group Shot one - .. many of the things but pic cuts off at the bottom

Group Shot 2 - a little blurry ..but still tons of visible goodness

Close up of the bath mitt.. So pretty!! and see those two yarnages above!!.. soon-to-be bath mitts just like this one!

My New Friends!!!

Close-ups of their faces!

Even Desdemona got a gift out of this!!!

Finally.. a pic of Kitty Pi Blocking. Not a secret pal gift per se but I used the wool-wash she gave me when I felted it!


Dani said...

What a nice SP you have - love your gifts! And the kitty pi is really pretty!

me myself and i said...

wow!!! great gifts!!

Secret said...

Why, what nice gifts! The little Rock Guy looks happy with his new home. Dont forget to feed his pet Rock,who feeds on dust.
Ofcourse you will be able to identify your SP instantly, but if you pretend its from Mars, it will be more fun.
Sincerly Yours, Secret.
P.S. The kitty pi looks SO GOOD!
The one I am doing is in handspun with lanolin still in it, and is very slow going. It sticks to the needles so. But I love yours. Makes me want to go finish it.

DomesticOverlord said...

That's a whole lot of fun stuff!

keohinani said...

lucky girl! how generous of your SP! your kitty pi looks great! too bad i don't have cats...otherwise, i'd make one too!

MeBeth said...

Those gifts are great fun. And I agree, the Kitty Pi looks terrific - but perhaps superfluous?

~drew emborsky~ said...

That's quite a haul. And I love the Kitty Pi!!

Secret said...

The board is down today.
Evidently I need it to function.
I found a really neat site here:http://www.mielkesfarm.com/felt_soap.htm
And if you could come over, we could do it. I am bored. A little bit bored. I hope the board gets better soon.
Love, Secret

Jenn said...

wow! you got a lot of great gifts!