Oct 1, 2005

Irish Hiking Scarf Update

Heere is the latest progress on the scarf..
More later
(btw.. this is the actual right color)


darbyrose said...

That is looking wonderful!Love the color.

I plan on making one for my brother's birthday. It will most likely be some boring color, like grey.

weselrinas secret pal said...

Your scarf looks SO well done! I am glad you are enjoying making it! Next package is gathering force, it may catapult out of here in the next week!
Love, SP

ThatFarmGirl said...

What a beautiful scarf. Do you mind telling me what yarn you're using?

weaselrina said...

Sure its some Cascade Lana D'Oro in a lovely red color sent to me by my wonderful secret pal!

I'll post on yours as well just in case you don't check back..

and Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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