Oct 13, 2005

Ack Ack Ack!

A post - in two parts....

First.. and most importantly - My apologies to my wonderful upstream Secret Pal.
I forgot to bring batteries home for my camera (I really need to get rechargables).
I dont want to wait any longer to post this tho, so I'll post the descriptions now.. and I"ll post pictures tomorrow.
In the meantime I'll try to make up for the lack of visuals with links
  • First up we have the March/April Issue of Piecework magazine -- A lovely magazine chosen for a "Simple French Bath Mitts to Knit" project :)
  • An All-knitted-up and pretty version of said Bath Mitts.. It is Gorgeous! Beautiful! Seriously they are such a pretty idea for gifts, bathing etc.. I can think of a million uses for them. I can't wait to try the one she gave me! And the women in my office LOVED it and now all want me to make them some! so its a good thing she sent me....
  • Yarn to make bath mitts! Plymouth Fantasy Naturale in Pale Sage and a contrasting Tahki Linguine n a darker green for accents. I am very much looking forward to making this project.. which I just might do using....
  • FiberTrends Magic Loop Booklet!! I've been wanting to learn Magic Loop and its as if she read my mind!
  • Now once I have my bath mitts.. I'll need to bathe (no worries, I"ll bathe before that as well).. and I may just use the Aromatherapy Soap she sent me! Samish Bay aromatherapy soap - in 3 Trees.. a fragrant blend of fir needle, eucalyptus, cedarwood and lavender. My whole house smells like this delicious soap and It came stored in the bath mitt like a sachet :) I suspect this provides a clue to my SPs identity... because.. it appears locally made...
  • And speaking of locally made... A lovely booklet of recipes from Merritt Apple Farm (which shares the same locale).. may have been a clue as to location.. or it could be a Happy Jewish New Year gesture.. (apples being a big deal around now) but either way I can't wait to try the Curry Apple Rice!
  • Its a three-fer on the location confirmation.. She sent a ruler/ needle gauge (a good one.. sturdy lucite from Hellen's Needlework - also in the same county. I needed a decent one !
  • to keep me calm and to keep my palate comforted.. She sent Stress Mints (relax in a new york minute).. Homeopathic Stress losenges.. and some tasty sour apple bonbons.
  • While i'm bathing and being calm.. I can read the Batya Gur Mystery (Good call.. I've never read her!) she sent.
  • I can use the liquid gloves to mosturize my hands, and the wool and fiber washes to clean my handmade goods :)
  • She also sent me a couple of "friends" that can only be done justice by pictures :) So those I'll save til tomorrow.
  • Lastly.. another beautiful card.. :)
Thank you VERY much for such a special and thoughtful package. It made my week. Truly.
To open a box full of pretty things, put together with so much care and creativity made me feel very special! I sat there and went through all the thingsover.. and over and over..

Post - part 2..

It is monsoon season here in NY. Defined as, 1200 different varieties of rain throughout a two week period. Today it was spitting, misting, pulsing, pouring, drizzling and coming down in buckets, at varying intervals. In the 5 minutes or so where it wasn't actually raining. . the air seemed to be oozing moisture. Add that to the haunting "its not really cold yet but you can feel it could get there awful quick" sensation and it was a truly miserable day to be outside.

I made my small trip into the office ot deal with whatever needed to be dealt with and then went wandering around in the mess. Stopped into the LYS closest to work (I like them well enough but they seem unusually pricey even for NYC, and can be a little distant to deal with, plus it's crowded as hell)... then followed it with some knitting in public in Starbucks. I got one of the two good cushy chairs .. right by the window and got to sit, knit and watch wet people trudge thru rush hour traffic - It was bliss :) People have mixed feelings about Knitting in public but I like it (and I don't count the subway, the subway is public in a very private way). Maybe one day I'll actually get up the nerve to go to one of the many knitting groups that meet around the city :) I'm not shy in most social situations, but for some reason that one intimidates me a bit.

Anyway.. time to sleep.
Forgive this post for its lack of coherence, I'm probably too exhausted to make much sense.


That Knitting Chick said...

I think the post was very coherent, considering that God believes Noah is on earth again.

me myself and i said...

Oh please! I am reADY to start building the ark out here on LI!!! Sun where are you???

Dani said...

Amy you should come out to the LI SnB one night - you wont be intimidated cuz you "know" me already ;-)

Yea it's STILL raining - I owuld love to curl up and knit somewhere but I have too much stinky work to do - if it weren't for the fact working is my means of feeding my obsession (addiction? habit? whatever you wanna call it) I would give it up in a heartbeat LOL

Happy you got the ML booklet - I was shown last night how to do it AND IT STUCK - it makes sense, I GET IT! I dont know why I had the block but once I saw someone actually doing it, I was ok - and then I came home and opened my book again and the stuff that made me scratch my head last time made sense! You are gonna have so much fun with it!

Secret said...

Why, you recieved your new box! That is very good. The apple curry rice will burn on the bottom, just a warning to use low heat, but even so it is prone to it. Maybe use some chicken broth too. Now I make it with chicken broth and no apple juice. I was going to send you Kitty Pi ingredients! We are strolling along in the same direction it seems! The next project to send you, I am working on now and going to make another. I got SO off I am just leaving it to stew in its wickedness. I am very glad you have not read the book. I know you can not have a good Yom Kippur, but you could have a meaningful one. Which is more important. I am very glad you liked everything! Wasnt the soap a good smell? I almost got the cinnamon one,but it was brown with cinnamon. I thought it might not be good to rub on your skin. You did a good job discribing the contents of the box, and left **** out, as you should have. And his **** pet. Sincerly, Your Secret Pal.