Oct 6, 2005

Four more truths and one more lie

Oy vey its me again. :)
I guessed that cpurl17 did not have 300 Hummels
which is sort of relieving I guess.
Hummels scare me. Actually any little figurine scares me.
I think it was because of that Trilogy of Terror movie I saw as a child.

Hmm.. here we go - which one is a lie?

1. I have worked for an organization that teaches people to read Hebrew for 10 years and can't read a word of Hebrew
This.. unbelievably enough is true. Its sort of my way of asserting my independence in an organization where I'm the only non religious person. Stupid? Maybe, but true

2. I broke my wrist playing softball two weeks before my wedding and had to be in all my wedding pictures wearing a cast
Lie: I didn't have a wedding (wen't to city hall) and have never played softball. My best friend broke her wrist rollerblading the week before her wedding so I stole that from her ;)

3. My mother once had phone service to the entire house shut off because I wouldn't clean my room.

True: and it didn't get me to clean my room either. We are (were in her case) two of the most stubborn people ever

4. I dropped out of nursery school

True: The boys told me I couldn't play on the windmill, because I was a girl. (i was 2 1/2- 3 maybe), and they kept trying to make me write because I could read already. (and I couldn't write because I was too young and they pushed). I came home crying every day and then one day "announced" i wasn't going back. My mother, acknowledging I was probably too young to start school, took me out.

5. I once had my boss arrange for a shelf to be hung in my office, and then filled it with stuffed animals

True - and if I can find a workng camera in the office I'll post a picture. They have a high tolerance for eccentricity around here.)

Domestic Overlord - you're up


That Knitting Chick said...

Im guessing 1. Surely if you were teaching it you would have picked up some of it!

bradyphrenia said...


knottyknitpicks said...

i wanted to go with #5, but I'll pick #3.

darbyrose said...

I think it's number 4 - how could You drop out of nursery school? Wouldn't someone else have to withdraw you?

Ok, I am picking at straws here..lol!

DomesticOverlord said...

Okay, I'll go with number two because it's the only one left. But I must say I hope number five is true, way to stick it to "the man." Oh and if number three is true tell your mom thanks for the idea.

jau said...

You WILL tell us the answer, right?! I'm guessing #1. It's so funny that I hope it's right. Course, if it's the mother/phone one, then I'll have to watch Cinderella again.

luvnbeng said...

Sorry I didn't get here in time to guess before you revealed the "lie", although I knew it was #2 because of course I know the friend of yours it happened to. Dropping out of nursery school makes for a good story, though.